Who We Are

MAO Outsourcing can provide your company with a number of outsourcing and licensing solutions whether it is an API, or a Custom molecule. With a strong supplier base in Europe, India, and China we offer a broad range of products and can find the right fit for your project at any moment.
We have 20+ years of experience operating in FDA regulated prescription pharmaceuticals landscape. Our goal is to support you in bringing your products to market faster than the competition and support you through our massive network of API suppliers spread around the globe without compromising quality and regulatory requirements.
We are ready to help you from Day 1 whether you need a custom molecule or a low volume innovative API. Our network contains suppliers from the USA, India, China, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Spain, and Portugal.

What We Offer


We work with various API manufacturing companies to bring you the best technologies.  If you don’t find the process you are interested in please let us know and we will find out a manufacturer that specializes in that technology.


MAO has been supplying Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to multi national pharmaceutical customers in the U.S. We work with some of the most reputable Active Pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world and are dedicated to providing the best service possible.

Custom molecule

Whether it is an API, or a Custom molecule, MAO can provide custom made Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) in cGMP quality to your company with a number of outsourcing and licensing solutions.